Wednesday, 4 September 2013

We at Stubbe Chocolate are proud to introduce to you a South American treasure: "Nectar De Cacao beans, it's nibs, liquor and paste uniquely created from a blend of 3 of the finest beans of South America on the farms of "El Recuerdo".  Situated in the quaint, scenic village of Bajo, Tamcay in the province of Aruca, Colombia.

Mr. Luis Uribe Melo a dedicated cacao farmer and owner of  El Recuerdo is the creator and master of this unique treasure.

Devoted to his three hectares of cacao plants, he passionately harvests, ensures their fermentation and drains the cacao beans to conceive outstanding, awarding winning qualities of  Nectar De Cacao beans. Nectar De Cacao beans have won several awards, among them the "Cacao of Excellence"  for the flavour and aroma (International Cacao Awards), category South America, at the coveted Chocolate Salon in Paris, October 29, 2010.

Today Stubbe chocolates proudly supports this valuable farmer in his endeavour, by purchasing all his production of cacao beans and through this business agreement improve the lifestyles of everyone involved in this process.  

We invite you to join us by supporting this unique project with Mr. Luis and  El Recuerdo.

When we visited the cacao plantations for the first time, Chef Stubbe had these comments: " I met these people who grow this cacao and I was so impressed by the care and craftsmanship they apply to the crop. This is the most magnificent cacao taste I have ever come across in my career - all  of this pure and clean taste with a hint of orchids!"   

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